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Why did I create a blog?

14:31 17.09.2018

Why did I create a blog?

Brief background:

The archive was conceived as early as the summer of 2017, before moving to Moscow, I bought a domain, registered, paid for hosting.
There were attempts to create it, even in White clay, started and threw a few times. Because, did not see the whole picture as a whole, how it should look, what functional, etc. I realized that I'm not ready for its realization yet. I set myself the goal when my move to Moscow will be accomplished, I'll finish it! Then the stories will appear for the articles. And the desire to write them.
So it happened, being in the megapolis, I took up the archive and brought it to the end. Now I publish articles on various topics that concern me. What is surprising, people come to the site, read, which means that they are interested in my nonsense!
The archive is not dedicated to any one topic, it's just like an online diary, consisting of my life stories and thoughts. Probably, in the future, I will contribute a separate section and I will write on one topic. There are ideas, but I do not know yet how much they fit into the content. Time will tell! Okay, back to basics.
-Why did I create a archive? -
My answer is: for order in my head.
I believe that the maintenance of such a resource helps a person open up and open. You write about everything and about anything, even if your thoughts or vision are of no interest to anyone, everything continues to write evenly, the main thing is that it is good for you. A letter helps to structure your thought flow, thoughts and ideas happen so much that your head just starts to boil. Do not want to lose some results of the brain process, in this case, the blog, the most ideal place to store information. A question may arise ... Why not just write everything down in a notebook and postpone it later in a distant box? Why put on a personal one at all? The fact is that, the general review, just the same motivates you, think and write more often, on a particular topic. And if in addition there is feedback, then it's generally cool! So people show interest. youtube Next, plans to blog on YOUTUBE, but before that I have not yet matured. I do not feel that, now I need to shoot something and spread it, again ... there is no vision of what kind of archive should be, what topic is dedicated, or there may not be specifics at all. I do not know..... Another cant, I do not like to mount the video, damn it! This is for me, well, ooooochen boring! And to pay the editor on freelancing ... some dubious option, it seems. And suddenly I will not like it, it does its job, and Th later ... money can not be returned already. In short, time will tell!

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