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I was a loader

00:12 12.03.2019

I was a loader

Hi, I want to tell my story about how I worked in the production of china.

It was in the winter in the distant 2015-2016. So much has flowed over the water that I forgot when exactly this happened. I sat without work, the girl sawed me for it all the time. I think that the overwhelming majority of men know this situation. It monitors all job search sites, it even reached newspapers, because they often threw money on the Internet. And what do you think? It took about two weeks and I found a job as a loader at the Kubanfarfor factory in one of the newspapers. Immediately I contacted the employer, who scheduled the interview the next day. I was glad at least some result, because finding a job in the south, besides in the winter, is not so easy.

Okay, day X came, and I started to bang on the door of the factory in the morning for an interview. A woman who later turned out to be my boss met me. Outwardly, it looked more like an evil cook from the USSR dining room, but as soon as we found a common language, it became clear that this woman was a kind-hearted person (it turned out that she had a special connection with the kitchen — she bakes cool cakes). My boss took me all over the plant, showed me how to make dishes and other accessories, and introduced me to my future "team" consisting of two people. At that moment, everything was fine with me, and there wasn’t much choice to turn up my nose. The next day I began my duties.

Well, let's talk about the boys who introduced me to the work in more detail. Kohl a.k.a "Ghana" and Seryoga a.k.a "Twain" from the English word Twenty (20). Interesting guys! Each with their own chips, jokes, and most importantly able to tell simple everyday stories!

By character, they are completely different: Kohl is insanely passive, and Seryoga is active. You look at them from the side and it seems that they are incompatible, but somehow Kolya and Seryoga built a strong friendship. Probably played a big role the fact that both of them love computer games and nasvay! The boys could spend hours discussing how to pump a character or how to complete one level or another.

To be honest, I also like to play, especially in online games, but I need to work a lot and arrange my life in the best way, so there is no time for games. By old age, just buy a computer for yourself at the cost of a car and will stick for days !!!

Let's return to our sheep! After getting a little better acquaintance with the guys, they told for what reasons they work in this organization.

Kohl a.k.a "Ghana" for a long time tried to hang out from the army in different ways, but nothing came of it. Then he decided to take a loan to buy this fucking military ticket! I do not know if I would have done the same in his place or not ... It seems to me that he was approved of the loan because his mother worked at that bank. Kohl was glad that it happened, despite the fact that work at the plant was far from easy.

Seryoga a.k.a "Twain" - the character is still that ... He was hiding from the military registration and enlistment office, and went to the factory, because they did not take other jobs because of evasion. That's the whole story, ahahahahahaha. In this regard, they are very similar to Kolya: they both tried to retract from the army in various ways. Seryoga - a boy of real concepts, ahahahahah! But in general, a very simple person, easy to contact, and he also had a cool Lada! With his own hands made a steep level wheelbarrow, like the VAZ-2106. At one time she was famous on the Internet. If I find the pictures, I will definitely show you.


Okay, he told about his colleagues. It is time to tell directly about the processes of work. It was necessary to be at the workplace from 07:00 to 15:00. The morning began with the cleaning of the whole territory, there were certain points of garbage collection. On the tractor we were met by the "beloved" Mikhalych! Life, of course, patted him in earnest, it is not surprising that the man was with disabilities. After collecting all the trash, Mikhalych drove everything for recycling.

Then we were sent to load and unload raw materials, this happened on the days when the delivery was made. Delivery of raw materials to the plant was carried out by KAMAZ and wagons. When KAMAZ arrived, we simply could not get enough of it, because it was unloaded itself and we didn’t have to strain ourselves. But when the cars arrived for unloading, the hard labor began! Usually they were delivered in 5-7 units. Content was always different: sand, brick, clay, crushed stone, etc. After unloading the raw materials, we uncoupled the car from the train, pulled the car along the rails, cleaned it, blew it with air, then pulled it on and took it to the next car. It was necessary to put them in order, so that in the morning they could easily be taken from the factory. The big problem during unloading was the weather. If there is a severe frost, the raw material in the car freezes and just wanted to hang. With naughty hands from the cold, tightly clutching a crowbar or shovel, he tried with all his might to break an icy block of sand or clay. In those moments, I felt sorry for myself, but I could not do anything about it except to bite the bullet and plow on! I am an ordinary country boy, without a decent education, so I turned as I could.


This work gave me some experience, motivation for development. I realized that such hard physical work and meager wages. Realized how invaluable is the knowledge and experience with which you can support yourself and your family, without killing yourself with physical exertion. Invest in your brain, my friend!

Yes, it was hard, nothing can be said, but there were also free moments. It's boring to talk about them.

If you run to the end of this series, it becomes sad. A check came out of the state supervision, and since Seryoga worked on bird rights, he was asked to resign. Without a workbook and a military ID, he is like a visitor from the east working illegally at a construction site.

I'm getting fired closer to May! And left our "Ganesh", which Kohl, alone! Work out your military loan in absolute solitude. Naturally, they will be helped to find new guys, but our dream team collapsed, which so quickly found a common language and overcame all the burdens together.

Now I don’t even know how these guys live, but I hope that everything goes the way they would like.

Of course, I missed many points and did not describe it, it’s very hard to remember everything in detail, but I’m glad that I got at least that!

editor Bykova Daria
instagram - @darinabull

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