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Coding for the elite!

17:44 07.08.2018

Coding for the elite!

In the first article, I listed the places of work, so I want to tell you about the most significant experience. HTML-layout (knowledge of coding in general) is a craft that has helped and helps me so far. Without this knowledge, I could not create my own blog, then no one would see my articles! Of course, you can still make money on this, not bad, but it's not about that.
- How did I come to this ?! Throughout my conscious life I wanted to dance breaks and travel, static work was completely beyond these plans. So I tried to find a way to remotely earn money, tried many variants, starting from the manager in the travel company, then the text-typing, etc., etc. After large-scale surfing on the Internet, I finally get to the video, where the kid teaches coding and how to create web sites in general. I looked at a couple of vidos, I got hooked, began to get deeper and deeper into this sphere. search the internet
But it turned out to be not such a simple craft as I thought, very time-consuming training, especially if you try to figure it out yourself, without having any base. Self-study passed slowly and uncertainly, came to the conclusion that you need to look for a mentor. Naturally, to pay for training, I did not have any money, but there were good friends who worked in this field!

Then a little story begins!

One fine day, I was driving home in a minibus, like it was the beginning of winter, it was already quite cold. I drove calmly to myself, listened to music, when suddenly a long-familiar boy sat down next to me, his name was Andrey. He is the founder of the campaign "Staputov" - the creation and promotion of sites. We talked about that about this, and then he asks a question:
- Who do you work for?
- At the moment I'm only looking for a web developer job.
- Ow! Cool, we are just looking for a person for the post of HTML - coder! Do you have experience?
- Andrew! The experience is completely zero, I know only something in theory, I never did real projects. But, there is a great desire to learn.
- Ok, I understand you, come on ... I'll consult with my guys and in case of a positive decision, we'll meet with you. OK?!
- Of course, no problem! We'll be in touch.

It takes several days and we meet again, Andrew offered me to study on real projects that have already been paid by customers. Of course it was scary, because it's responsibility. But I could not refuse, the guys give me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience. Naturally, I agreed. At the beginning of my mentors was Diana, she, Andrei's wife. Oh! As I remember now, she's a miser, she's been tortured with me! housewife
Diana surprised with her multifunctionality, being both the wife, the mother of a small child, having two huge malamutes in the house, and at the same time having time to make websites, I tell you, it's not so easy. In addition, I fell on my head! After a couple of months I already got my hand and could make it myself, but of course, from time to time, I pulled Diana on the phone. Honestly, I do not even remember how much time I worked with the guys, but I remember that it was cool! I want to express my great gratitude to the professional team "Staputov". Be always the same cohesive! God Bless You (3:16)

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