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5 years of love and hate

17:12 03.08.2018

5 years of love and hate

Read the article to the end and learn from my mistakes, then you will be happy! In this case, the photos will be thematic, from the Internet, because I do not have the right to upload real photos, but I did not even have any of them !!! Each second had such a situation, there were long, then they outgrow and a new level, and someone does end. Nous ... start!

We met in the spring of 2012, during training in Selhoz. university, like it was preparing the show for the student's spring, I do not remember exactly.
I will not call her name, in order to remain anonymous. I'll just name it Star (star). Although the one who knows me, immediately understand who is talking about, no matter how I tried to encrypt. Anyway...! anonymous girl
In the process of preparing our show, we got to know each other well. It is difficult to express words with just how much we had in common. We were both surprised by our mental similarity. Events developed at a hyper speed. Soon, we began to meet, first the relationship from a distance, since I lived in the village, but after the end of the sharaga moved to the city (Krasnodar). love
There were plans to rent an apartment together, but we were unbelievably lucky, my grandmother Star, gave her an apartment and we did not have to spend money on rent. We lived in the Pashkovsky district on Lavochkin Street, I do not remember the house number! We bought everything we needed for our new home, were built up and I began to look for work. It would seem that everything is cool, here you have housing, money for furniture, my ancestors even presented the car in a short time, it only remains to start making money and live for our pleasure, but no ... I always had an awl In the ass, I wanted to in a supernatural way to get rich. I was always visited by some crazy ideas about earnings, I'm not saying that it's bad ... no, I just forgot that I live not alone, and not for myself, but for us.
Why not immediately settle down, at first cohabitation ?! Go to the first job and stay there, grow up the career ladder, as most people do on the planet. No, Sasha is a restless boy, he immediately gave a good post, to his liking, with a fat salary, and therefore changed his job as gloves.
Padding: 10px; left to yourself, you are only responsible for yourself. And if you live with a girl who also does not work ... Then you are my friend, it's better to bite your teeth and work on the result in one workplace, since you are responsible not only for yourself, but also for it.
If you want to maintain a relationship, do so. Time will pass and your work will pay off, in parallel think about perspective, about creating something of your own, but do not abandon prematurely the main source of income until you feel a strong ground under your feet. Do not run ahead of the engine!
I'm not trying to expose myself to complete shit ... just saying as it is, I was selfish, it's 100%. egoist Star tried to support me in every possible way, so as not to get into my head. She is very kind and sympathetic person, I regret that I did not appreciate her and her actions.
Of course, and it was not without flaws, believe me, there's not a small shell in my head! Her "knowledge" infuriated her very much, even if she did not understand anything at all, she would still make a kind of competence and prove her rightness to her, right away such people are very annoyed. And every time she told her about this, of course she did not want to admit this and then a conflict began.

This immediately suggests a verse from the Bible:

Whoever thinks that he knows something, he still does not know anything as he should know.

1kor 8: 2
knows everything There were a million other small reasons for quarrels, ranging from dirty dishes and to going to the supermarket for groceries. Nothing new, at all it was and always will be, in any pair, it is inevitable. But, you need at least to try to change something, to go to each other for a meeting, from Star's side it was manifested, which I can not say about myself! She was caring and attentive as a mother, remembered about various events, significant and not significant, what to buy into the family or where to go, simply put, Star thought of us - for us. care I, as if I were blind, are only preoccupied with my problems and thoughts, I did only what was interesting to me, that is, I showed my egoism in all its glory. But this I realize only now, looking at the situation from the side. But after being still together, it seemed that I was doing everything right.
The first three years, everything was fine, the last two ... we just tolerated each other, emotional explosions occurred on every trifle. There were times on the verge of parting, but we realized that we could not be apart, it probably was like a habit. But sooner or later everything comes to an end. quarrel In the summer of 2017, I leave for my village, where my father offered me a job. Every time being at a great distance, we called up several times a day. In this case, the calls stopped for almost a week or more, I do not remember. I squeezed my fist, decided to call first, of course, I was already a little morally prepared for the sad outcome, but still, to hear the words "we need to part, I do not love you anymore" threw me out of reality. It was hard to realize that this person is no longer a part of your life. parting All lived together for five years, flown by in my head probably for three minutes, then I just fevered, the good friends were close! It took me about two weeks to somehow come to my senses. Later, having cleared my head of this garbage, I came to the conclusion that, in fact, I wanted to finish all this and it's good that she broke up with me, and not vice versa. I could not tell her about this, I was afraid to offend a person, because so much passed together. But it's good that it ends well! Summary is:
Relationships are hard work based on mutual respect and patience. Remember ... you need to work not only at work!

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